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FERGUS King of the Picts

FERGUS King of the Picts. (Uiuist, Wrguist, Uurguist, Ungust, Elpin mac Wroid). King of the Picts. Overlord in Dál Riata.
Born (729 A.D.-S2)(735 A.D.-S1,S8), of Dalraida; son of OENGUS I (Fergus), King of the Picts (776?-781).


CHILDREN of FERGUS King of the Picts
  1. Fergusa. (Uiuisticc, Urgusia). She married Eochaid of Argyll (Achaias).
  2. Constantine I, mac Fergus. King of Picts and of Dál Riata. (811-820). Born in Scotland. Battle among Picts in 789, where Conall, son of Tadc escaped; Constantine the victor. He died in 875 in Crail, In Battle Against Halfdan. Founded Dunkeld. He is thought to be king commemorated on Dupplin Cross. [If he was in battle in 789, he sounds too old to be the one who died in 875]
  3. OENGUS II, mac Fergus. (Uiuist, Angus). King of Picts and of Dál Riata. (820-834). Alpin was killed in August 834 fighting the Picts under Oengus II. Oengus had split his men into two, and whilst Alpin defeated the southern army, he in turn was routed by the main body of the Pictish forces, and was captured and beheaded.