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Daniel Elliott and Hannah Cloyce

Daniel ELLIOTT. [PC M3-1].
Born (in 1662-S3)(between 1662 and 1665-S4,S13)(about 1665-S6,S9), probably in Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; son of Daniel ELLIOTT [F4352].

Daniel Elliot and his father were two of the original settlers of Sudbury (or Marlboro). (S4,S6,S9).

He married Hannah CLOYCE in (1685-S7b)(1685 or 1686)(in 1686-S4,S7c) in (Framingham-S4,S7c)(of Salem-S6), Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Daniel & his family moved to Salem Village, Massachusetts, probably about the time of his marriage in 1685 or 1686, or at least by 1687. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion on when and where he moved at this time (S4,S7d), but this move to Salem at this time is quite certain (S7f,S7g).

Daniel Elliott was made famous by his testimony at the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Daniel testified on behalf of his step-mother-in-law, Sarah Towne Bridges Cloyce (2nd wife of Peter Cloyes). {S3,S6,S8,S9,S10,S11,S12,S13,S14}. Sarah was pronounced guilty, but escaped execution. Hannah's two step-aunts (Rebecca Nurse & Mary Easty) were hanged as witches. One report says Hannah's step mother Sarah escaped and friends hid her until spring when they moved to Framingham. (S9,S13).

Daniel Elliott: Deposition for Elizabeth Proctor:
The testimony of Daniel elet aged 27 years or thear abouts who testifieth & saith that I being at the hous of leutennant ingasone on the 28 of march in the year 1692 thear being preasent one of the aflicted persons which cryed out and said thears goody procter William raiment juner being theare present told the garle he beleved she lyed for he saw nothing then goody ingerson told the garl she told aly for thear was nothing: then the garl said that she did it for sport they must have some sport. (S10).

In the testimony of Daniel Elliot at the Salem Witch trials, he was at the place of Nathaniel Ingersoll who was a relative of the George Ingersoll who was killed by Indians. George Ingersoll was killed by Indians in 1690, at the same time as another Daniel Elliott. Was this his father? The association with Nathaniel Ingersoll could give credence to their close association.

Following the trial, Daniel Elliot (Essex Antiquarian) and his family left Salem Village in 1693, and settled in Framingham along with the Coyce family and other families named in the Salem Witch hunts. {S6,S7h}.

Daniel and his family moved again about 1704 to Oxford (S6). In 1709 Samuel Barton sold to Caleb Bridges (his brother-in-law) a meadow commonly called Mellon's Meadow in Farmingham, adjoining lands of Caleb Barton and Daniel Elliot. {S5}. Daniel recieved the grist mill and mill lot in Oxford from Gabriel Bernon in 1715. {S6}.

In 1720 Daniel sold his home lot and divided up the grist mill. By the town's permission, he resigned this portion of the mill to his sons Ebenezer and James, and half ownership and home lot to Richard Moore and a fourth ownership to Jonathan Provender, brother to Sarah Provender who later married son Daniel Junior. Before March 1720 he moved to Sutton, Massachusetts (S4).

After leaving his grist mill he went a short distance upstream to Sutton and settled at the Pope farm (S6b). Ebenezer and James themselves remained but a short time and sold their portion of the mill to Jonathan Provender. {S6}.

In Sutton, Daniel and his sons appear on the records as property owners (S6a), that of Daniel, the father, on 14 September 1722 as the purchaser of fifty acres in the 3rd division, on both sides of the great brook, near Coffin's farm. Daniel Junior appearson 28 June 1728 as the purchaser of 25 acres in the 5th division, adjoining the land of Daniel Elliot. The name of James Elliot appears on 15 July 1734 as purchaser of twelve and 1/2 acres of land in the 6th division, adjoining to his other land, where he now lives.

Daniel died sometime around 1728, as that is the last mention of him in any town records. {S3}.

Born (about 1665)(in 1667)(about 1670-S4), probably in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Peter CLOYES and Hannah LITTLEFIELD.

She was christened on 5 August 1677 in Salem Village, Massachusetts. {S4}.

She married Daniel ELLIOTT [F2176] in (1685 or 1686)(in 1686-S4) in (Salem)(Framingham-S4), Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

She died in New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut. {S4}.

  1. [F1088]. Daniel ELLIOTT. [PC M3-1]. Born 17 August 1687 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married Sarah PROVENDER on 3 February 1707-1708 in Framingham, Massachusetts. His home lot was on Town Plain in Oxford, on the east side of the "eight-rod wag." He was part owner in the mill given to Jonathan Provender, who was a brother of his wife, Sarah Provender. He sold his whole estate in 1716 and removed to Sutton. He died in 1737 at New Milford, Connecticut.
  2. (child-S7d)(Hannah?).
  3. Ebenezer ELLIOTT. Born on 3 March 1693 in Salem Village. He married Margaret Seager.
  4. John ELLIOTT. Born 16 May 1695 in Framingham.
  5. James ELLIOTT. Born 2 APR 1697 in Framingham.
  6. Nathaniel ELLIOTT. Born 10 August 1699 in Framingham.
  7. Jonathon ELLIOTT. Born 16 August 1701 in Framigham, Massachusetts. He married Lydia Harwood, daughter of Jonathan Harwood & Rebecca Twiss, in Sutton, Massachusetts.
  8. Peter ELLIOTT. Born on 25 November 1704 at Framingham (or Oxford?), Massachusetts.