Thomas EDDYE

[F60632]. (Thomas?) EDDYE. [see PC T4-7].

25 March 1578. Thomas Eddie of Norlach (Northleach), co. Glouc., tanner. To be buried in Norlach Church or churchyard. Sons: John; William; Harrie; Thomas; Christopher. To John that house and part of my 3 tenement at east end of Norlach next to a lane leading to the water, one now inhabited by Harrie Mynchin with reversion to son Thomas. To son William second tenement inhabited by George Mynchin. To son Harrie 3rd tenement inhabited by Nycholas Horton. To my sister Agnes Lane 40s. Residue to my son Harrie, sole execr. Over seers: Thos. Herbert the elder, & Christopher Lane. Wit: Thomas Dutton, Harrie Wynchcombe, Wm. Hanle, Robert Fyfield, Thomas Herbert the eider. 2 July 1579 Proved at Gloucester by Harrie Eddie, son.

12 Jan. 1586/7. Henry (or Harrie) Edie, of Northleach, shoemaker. To son Thomas, his heirs, etc. z tenements . . at east end of Northleach in occupancy of John Evance & John Green. . To Harry my son 5. at age of 18 years. To Marie. . . To Ane. . . . Residue to my wife Margaret, sole executrix. Overseers: Richard Rose & Henry Winchcombe. Wit: Henry Winchcombe, Rychard Rose. Gregory Townsend, Thomas Edie. Proved 2nd Sept. 1589.

If the Harrie of the second will was the son, Harrie, of the first will he must have been married before 1557 in order to have a son Thomas, who is of age to inherit immediately. This would seem to place the children of Thomas Eddie, namely, John, William, Harrie, Thomas, and Christopher, one generation earlier than the V icar William. But it is just as probable that the Thomas and Henry (Harrie) of the two wills were of the same generation. In this case the son William (if second son, as position in will would suggest) must have been born as early as 1552. This date is earlier than has usually been ascribed to William, the Vicar, but of course not impossible. The problem of his parentage, however, must remain unsolved until more information is discovered. It is possible that the family to which our William belonged left the vicinity of Bristol during his childhood and settled in some other part of England, perhaps in the vicinity of Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, or in Cambridgeshire, where William became imbued with the desire to become a clergyman.


CHILDREN of Thomas EDDYE [F60632]:
  1. [F30316]. William EDDY. [see PC T4-7].