Henry DUDLEY (SUTTON) and (miss) ASHTON

(Captain) Henry DUDLEY (SUTTON)
Born in 1517; son of John DUDLEY, 3rd Lord Dudley and Cicely de GREY.

Sir Henry was named by his grandmother, Cecily, Marchioness of Dorset, in her will, dated 6 May 1527.

He was a monastic auditor under Cromwell in 1535, and a soldier in Ireland in 1536 under his uncle Leonard Grey.

He was a soldier in Scotland about 1540-1543.

He fought valiantly at the siege of Boulogne in 1544, and was Captain from early 1545 when Edward Fiennes, Lord Clinton, was Chief Captain.

He was Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas 1552-3 when Edward Fiennes was Admiral. He was knighted at Hampton court on 11 oct 1551.

He was a close associate of his second cousin, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and was arrested on 25 July 1553 for complicity (with among others his father-in-law) in the rebellion of Robert's father, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland.

Henry Dudley was jailed in the Tower of London, and received a pardon from Queen Mary on 18 Oct 1553. He was exiled in French service 1556-1563, but was in English service as "Capt. Dudley" in 1563, receiving an annuity later the same year from Queen Elizabeth "for his service". In 1567 he obtained from the Queen a year's protection from his creditors (renewed for two years in 1568).

Sir Henry Dudley died between 1568 and 1570. No will, administration of estate, of Inq.p.m. has been discovered.

(miss) ASHTON.
Born about 1520; daughter of Christopher ASHTON Sr. of Fyfield, Berkshire, England.

MARRIAGE: ABT 1545, Prob. Boulogne.

She died before Nov 1556 in England.

  1. Roger DUDLEY. It is said that “Complex circumstantial links between Henry and Roger indicates Roger may be his son”-S1,S12). One of these circumstances may be that there was a Roger Dudley who was matriculated as pensioner at Christ college, Cambridge University, in 1566, but left without degree. This was at the same time that Capt. Henry Dudley was in financial difficulty.