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Robert Douglass

Robert Douglass.
Born in 1588 in Scotland.

Of the origin and signification of the name Douglass, one of the most ancient and honored in the annals of Scotland, there is no account which is altogether satisfactory. As no theory yet advanced can be relied upon as absolutely trustworthy, no consideration need be given to any. In regard to the spelling of the name, whether with one s or two, there has also been much discussion, without, however, quite settling the point. Although Douglass is the spelling most universally followed by the Scottish branches as far back as record exist, in certain branches Douglas is sometimes found. Hume, the historian of the family, always spells the name Douglass. (S1).

In Burke's "Heraldry" the Douglass coat-of-arms is thus described: "Argent a man's heart Gules ensigned with an imperial crown proper; on a chief azure three stars of the first." (S1).

Authentic records of the family go back to William of Douglass and the year 1175. (S1).


CHILDREN of Robert Douglass:
  1. (Deacon) William Douglass. Born in 1610 in Scotland. He married Ann Mattle. They emmigrated from Scotland to New England. He died on 26 Juy 1682. (S1).