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Umfridus de Kilpatrick Colquhoun

Umfridus de Kilpatrick Colquhoun. [FAMCHART COLQUHOUN].
Born in 1190 in Scotland. The name Kilpatrick refers to "the church of Patrick", or St. Patrick's, the village of Old Kilpatrick being the birthplace of St. Patrick. First to take the name Colquhoun.

He married about 1210.

Umfridus de Kilpatrick had a grant of the lands of Colquhoun in Dumbartonshire about 1241, during the reign of Alexander II. The name Colquhoun is territorial in origin from lands of this name in Dumbartonshire, situated to west of Loch Lomond.

Umfridus died in 1260 in Scotland.

Sir Bernard Burke says- The origin of this family is enveloped in the obscurity of remote antiquity, and has been variously traced by uncertain tradition. Some have been disposed to carry it as far back as the invasion of Scotland by the Romans under Agricola, when Galgacus (supposed to be the Latin corruption of Colquhoun), the celebrated general of the Caledonians, gallantly contended with the Imperial commander in the memorable battle of the Grarnpians. Other accounts deduce the descent from Conoch, a King of Ireland; while a third tradition derives the family from a younger son of the Earls of Lennox. Much of the Colquhoun history is based on Fraser, in his Chiefs of Colquhoun.


CHILDREN of Umfridus de Kilpatrick Colquhoun: