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Robert, Second Lord of Colquhoun

[F72351744]. Robert, Second Lord of Colquhoun [FAMCHART COLQUHOUN]. .
Born about 1212 in Scotland; son of Umfridus de Kilpatrick Colquhoun. He married about 1238. He died in 1280 in Scotland.

A Chief of the Colquhouns was issued a command by the King to seize the well-fortified Dumbarton Castle. He wrote the King back in French, the accepted universal language of the time, "Si Je Puis" (If I Can). The Chief gathered a group of men close to him and hid them in the woods outside of Dumbarton's gates. Then he lured a red stag (deer) by the gates chased by two greyhounds. The starving garrison in the castle opened the gates to chase the stag, whereupon the chiefs clansmen rushed the castle and captured it for the King. One of the most unusual details passed down with this story is that the Chief captured the castle without killing anyone which is remarkable not only for that time but for now, as well. The tour book that used to be passed out at Rossdhu states that the Chief could have been John Colquhoun 10th of Luss and the King, James I, who did choose Sir John to wrest the castle from the "too powerful" Lennox family in 1424.

Other sources say it could be Sir Robert 2nd de Colquhoun (1220-1280 AD) who apparently was the first to take the Colquhoun name (his father was the first Chief, Umfridus de Kilpatrick de Colquhoun).


CHILDREN of Robert, Lord Colquhoun:

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