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Ingelramus Colquhoun

[F36175872]. Ingelramus Colquhoun. Third Lord of Colquhoun. [FAMCHART COLQUHOUN].
Born about 1250 in Dumbarton, Scotland; son of [F72351744]. Robert COLQUHOUN. Although the link of filiation is again wanting, Fraser ventured to regard him as the son of Sir Robert.

Ingelramus lived during an exciting period in the history of Scotland---during the reigns of Alexander the Third, of Margaret, Alexander's grand-daughter, of John Balliol, and the interregnum between 1296 and 1306, when the kingdom was divided by powerful factions, and prostrated by the power of Edward the First of England, the period when Sir William Wallace distingushed himself by his heroic exploits for the independence of his country, and the beginning of the reign of Robert the Bruce.

He married about 1260.

He was witness to a charter by Malcolm, Earl of Lennox circa 1292. He received from King Robert the Bruce a charter of Salakhill (Sauchie), in Stirlingshire. The charter is without date, but it could not have been granted before the 25th of March 1306, when Robert the Bruce began to reign.

He died in 1308 in Dumbarton, Scotland; and was buried in Dumbarton.

Wife unknown...both buried in Dumbarton.


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