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Thomas Clarke and Rose Kerrich

[F4428]. Thomas CLARKE.
Born on 1 November 1570 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England; son of John CLARKE Jr. and Catherine COOKE. He was christened on 3 November 1570 in Westhorpe.

Thomas Clarke may have taken his father's lands in Westhorpe as he seems to have resided at that place when his children were born, while his brothers John, Carew and Christopher took their father's lands in Finningham as is seen in the two subsidies levied at Finningham in 1596 and 1597.

He married Rose KERRICH [F4429] on 13 MAY 1600 in (Westhorpe-S1, S3)(Saxsted-S2), Suffolk, England.

He died on 29 July 1627 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England; and was buried there on 30 July 1627.

[F4429]. Rose KERRICH (KERIDGE).
Born on 13 APR 1572 in Saxsted, Suffolk, England; daughter of William KERRICH [F8858] and Margery [F8859]. She was christened on 13 APR 1572 in Saxsted, Suffolk, England.

She married Thomas CLARKE on 13 MAY 1600 in (Westhorpe-S1)(Saxsted-S2), Suffolk, England.

She died on 19 Sep 1627 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England, and was buried there on 20 September 1627.

CHILDREN of Thomas Clarke and Rose Kerrich: