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CARADOG ap Rhiwallon

CARADOG ap Rhiwallon.
Born about 1000AD, of Maelor; son of RHIWALLON ap Dyngad.

He appears in several Llandaff Charters:

In a charter which scholars date to about 1045, he described himself as one of the followers (comites-S3)(comitibus-S6) of Meurig [ap Hywel ap Owain ap Morgan Hen], King of Glamorgan.(Meurig of Morgannwg-S6).) He is described as "breaking the sanctuary" while in the following and bidding of King Meurig (in comitatu Mourici regis et uerbo) by bearing off by force the wife of Seisyll from the church door. Both he and his Meurig ended by by making grants of properlty to Bishop Joseph, as well as returning the woman to her husband. {S3,S6,S9}.

In a document (Liber Landavensis, p.257), Caradog ap Rhiwallon (unus de comitibus mourici regis morcanhuc) is donor of a land grant at Llanbedr, near kemeys Inferior, to Bishop Joseph. The King, Cadwgan son of Meurig, consents to this grant. {S7}.

In a Llandaff charter issued between 1071 and 1075, he made a grant of 100 acres to the church Llan Daf of land near Llangwm, Monmouthshire (on the flank of the valley of the Pill Brook-S10), in which he remembered his many sins, including the murder of his brother Cynan. This is made with the guarantee of Roger, Earl of Hereford and lord of Gwent, son of William fitz Osbern - uerbo comitis herfordie et domini guenti Rogerii filii Willelmi filii Osberni. This grant was witnessed by Berddig. {S4,S7,S10}.

The document Liber Landavensis claims that Caradog ap Rhiwallon journeyed to Rome about 1075 as penance for fratricide. {S8}.


CHILDREN of CARADOG ap Rhiwallon:
  1. BREICHIOL ap Caradog.