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Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock

Thomas Boyd , The Archer. ( 2rd-S1,S2) Baron of Kilmarnock. [BOYD Family Chart].
Born about 1323 in Kilmarnock, Renfrewshire, Scotland; son of Robert Boyd of Kilmarnock. (S1,S2).

He is said by some (S1,S2) to have had two wives:
(1) Faith Fleming.
(2) Margaret Douglas.
However, evidence for either of these is not given.

Thomas received from King David II a grant of the forfeiture of William Carpenter. (S1,S4).

He accompanied King David II in a Scottish invasion of northern England in 1346. The battle ended with the rout of the Scots and the capture of their king, David II near Durham at the battle of Neville's Cross, on 17 October 1346. Thomas was also taken prisoner with King David II, and was also taken to London where he was imprisoned for a time. During October, 1367, a treaty was made for David's ransom, and no doubt Sir Thomas was ransomed about that same time. (S1,S4).

Thomas is known for building the earliest parts of Dean Castle around 1350, which his son continued. This was accomplished by replacing the wooden fort atop the motte. Dean Castle was to be center of the Kilmarnock Estates until the 1700's. (S1).

Thomas died in 1365 in Kilmarnock, Renfrew, Scotland. (S2).

CHILDREN of Thomas Boyd and Faith Fleming:
  1. Thomas Boyd. [BOYD Family Chart]. (3rd-S1,S2)(4th) Baron of Kilmarnock. Born about 1360. He married Alice Gifford.
  2. William Boyd. Born about 1362. Ancestor of the Boyds of Badenheath.
  3. Robert de Boyd. Born about 1363. Ancestor of the Boyds of Portincross.
  4. Margaret Boyd. Born about 1364. of Terregles.