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Thomas Boyd and Joanna Montgomery

Thomas Boyd. Title: Dnus de Kylmornowe. [BOYD Family Chart].
Born (about 1385)(about 1405) in Kilmarnock, Renfrew, Scotland; son of Thomas Boyd and Alice Gifford.

Acted as hostage for King James I, who had been held prisoner for 19 years. Held in England 1424-1425. (S1).

In 1406, King James I became heir to the throne of Scotland, but was unable to claim it for ninetteenyears as he was held prisoner by the English in the Tower of London. In 1424, he was ransomed, Sir Thomas Boyd III being one of the hostages sent to take his place. Sir Thomas was imprisoned at Fotheringay and Dover castles in 1424-1425. The King was released on the promise of the Scots to pay a ransom of 40000 pounds. The payment was nevermade. The King wasted the money raised for the hostage release. (S1).

Thomas died on 7 July 1432 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. (S1).

He was bured with his wife in the old kirk at Kilmarnock, their tomb bearain the inscription (S1):
Hic jacte Thomas Boyde, Dominus de Kilmarnock.
Qui ojijt septison die mensis Julii 1432.
Et Johanna de Montgomerie eius spouce
Orate pro iis

The old kirk collapsed in 1800, and was replaced by the present Laigh Kirk. (S1).

Joanna Montgomery. (Johanna)(Jeanna)(Joan).
Born about 1390, of Ardrossan, Ayr, Scotland; daughter of Sir John Montgomery of Ardrossan and Margaret Maxwell.

CHILDREN of Thomas Boyd and Joanna Montgomery:
  1. Sir Thomas Boyd . [BOYD Family Chart]. of Kilmarnock. He married Isabell.