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Robert Boyd (I)

Robert Boyd. [BOYD Family Chart].
Born probably about 1155 in Gavan Risk, Ayrshire Scotland; son of Simon FitzAlan and Loudin Stewart . (S4).

There are several possibilities given for the origin of the name Boyd.

None of these can be verified for certain, but whatever the reason, Robert is apparently the first in Scotland to bear the name.

Robert Boyd is designated (nephew-S1)(or grandson-S3) to Walter son of Alan, lord high steward of Scotland, in the charters to the monastery of Paisley. It has been observed that the Boyds have always carried the same armorial bear|ings of the lord high stewards, denoting their descent from that illustrious house.

They were vassals of the De Morevilles, a powerful Anglo-Norman family with vast estates around Largs and Irvine. (S3).

Robert is designed dominus Robertus de Boyd as a witness to a contract between Lord Bryce de Eglington, and the village of Irvine in 1205. (S1,S2).

Robert died (before the year 1240-S1)(about 1240-S4) in Scotland.

CHILDREN of Robert Boyd (II):
  1. Robert Boyd (II) . [BOYD Family Chart].