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Alexander Boyd and Janet Colville

Alexander Boyd. 3rd Lord Boyd. [PC M3-17-2]. [BOYD Family Chart].
Son of Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd, and Mariot Maxwell. (S1).

Cokayne (S2) notes that it is wrongly stated, by old writers, that Alexander Boyd was beheaded at the time of his father's attainder in 1469. (S2).

He became head of the family on the death of his 15 year old nephew James, 2nd Lord Boyd in 1484. (S2).

He was Chamberlain of Kilmarnock before 2 August 1488. (S2).

Alexander Boyd married Janet.[2][4] They were related within the third and third and fourth and fourth degrees of consanguinity, and had a dispensation for the marriage already contracted between them and legitimising the children already born, 23 November 1505. Chosen by parliament in 1489 to collect the bygone rents and casualties in Stewerton and Kilmarnock. (S1).

He received Charter in lands of Ralestown, in the Barony of Kilmarnock on 30 November 1492. (S1).

In 1494 he was designated as "Filuis Roberti, Quandom Domini Boyd". (S1).

He was a witness to the sasine of Queen Margaret to the Lordship of Kilmarnock on 19 April 1504. (S2).

He was made Bailie and Charmberlain of Kilmarnock for the crown in 1505. (S1).

He married Janet Colville, , sister of Sir William and daughter of Sir Robert Colville of Ochiltree on 23 November 1505 (S1,S2).

He was said to be a favourite of King James IV. (S2).

He was still living 26 June 1508. (S2).

Alexander died (after 1508-S2)(in 1515-S1) in Scotland.

Janet Colville.
of Ochiltree; daughter of (Sir) Robert Colville and Eupheme Wallace. (S1).

CHILDREN of Alexander Boyd and Janet Colville:
  1. Robert Boyd. [BOYD Family Chart]. 4th Lord Boyd. He married Helen Somerville. Died 1557 Scotland. Killed Patrick Montgomery of Irvine and Hugh Montgomery of Lainshaw.
  2. Margaret Boyd. [BOYD Family Chart]. She married George Colquhoun, 3rd of Glens, by whom she had an only daughter and heiress, Margaret, who married her cousin-german, Robert Boyd, 5th Lord Boyd.
  3. Thomas Boyd. Thomas (died 1547), ancestor of the Boyds of Pitcon
  4. Adam Boyd. 1st of Penkill, which castle he possessed in 1532. Married Helen Kennedy before December 1531. Adam died (in September 1572-S1)(after 21 November 1577-S2). Tombstone at Old Dailly by Penkill. Two sons; Robert and James. Ancestor of the Boyds of Penkill and Trochri.
  5. Euphemia, wife of John Logie of Logiealmond in Perthshire, by whom she had issue a daughter and heiress Margaret, who married Thomas Hay, and was mother of George Hay, 7th Earl of Erroll (d. 1573)