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Guy Banbridge and Justice

Guy BANBRIDGE (Bainbridge).
Guy Banbridge married Justice in England. Guy Banbridge was made a freeman on 4 March 1635 at Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He was buried on 10 April 1645 at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Justice was born about 1598 in England. She married Guy Banbridge in England. She was about 70 when treated by John Winthrop, Jr., in August 1668. Justice died in 1673 at Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. Her estate was probated on 6 March 1672/73 at Hartford, Connecticut; Her will was witnessed by Gregory Wolterton and Jane Wolterton.

CHILDREN Guy Banbirdge and Justice:
  1. Jane Banbridge. b. c 1620. She married Samuel GREEN. She died on 16 November 1657.