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Henry de Audithley and Bertred Mainwaring

Henry de AUDITHLEY. Sheriff of Staffordshire.
Born about 1175; son of Adam de AUDITHLEY and Mabella de STONLEIGH.

He was in great favor with Ranulph de Meschines, Earl of Chester and Lincoln (the most powerful subject in England in his time). Henry de Alditheley obtained from Ranulph de Meschines a grant of Newhall in Cheshire, with manors in Staffordshire and other parts, and for his adhesion to King John, in that monarch's struggle with the insurrectionary barons, a royal grant of the lordship of Storton, in Warwickshire, part of the possessions of Robert of Summerville. In the four first years of the reign of King Henry III he filled the office of sheriff for the counties of Salop and Stafford, as deputy for his patron, the great Earl Ranulph.

In the 10th year of Henry III, Henry de Alditheley was appointed governor of the castles of Carmarthen and Cardigan, and made sheriff the next year of the counties of Salop and Stafford and constable of the castles of Salop and Bridgenorth, which office he held for five years.

Upon his retirement from office, he had a confirmation of all such lands whereof he was then possessed, as well as those granted to him by Ranulph, Earl of Chester, and Nicholas de Verdon, as those in Ireland, given him by Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, whose constable he was in that province. He subsequently obtained diverse other territorial grants from the crown.

When Richard Mareschal, Earl of Pembroke, rebelled, and made an incursion into Wales, King Henry III thought it prudent to secure the persons of Henry Audithley, and all the other barons-marchers. He was afterwards, however, constituted governor of Shrewsbury, in the place of John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, and on the death of John, Earl of Chester, governor of the castle of Chester, and also that of Beeston, then called the "Castle on the Rock," and soon after made governor of Newcastle-under-Lyne.

He married Bertred Mainwaring, daughter of Ralph de Meisnilwarin.

He died in 1236.

Bertred MAINWARING. (Meinilwarin, Meisnilwarin).
Daughter of Ralph de MEINILWARIN and Amicia de MESCHINES.

CHILDREN of Henry de Audithley and Bertred Mainwaring:
  1. James de AUDLEY. He married Ela LONGSPEE.
  3. Emma D'ALDITHLY