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George ALLEN and Katherine Starkes

[F15360b]. George ALLEN.
Born in 1578 or 1611 at Weymouth, Dorset, England; son of John ALLEN [F30720b]. He took the oath of fidelity before he left England. He married Katherine STARKES [F15361b] on 5 NOV 1624.

[The dates given for his birth are too far out of range. It appears probable that he had a prior marriage, or two people are being mixed together.]

He was a man of good standing among the Puritans, even though he was an Anabaptist. Brown (see Source 2, pg. 262) says that six of his children were among the earliest who embraced the principles of the Friends (Quakers), whose beliefs were close to the Anabaptists. He built a house in 1646 at Spring Hill that measured 18 feet by 23 feet and was two stories high. He soon added a lean-to onto the west end of it for a kitchen. He also added an addition onto the south side up to the first story, with a lean-to roof, known as the "salt box" style, with a cellar underneath. This house lasted through many generations.

The Indian title to the lands in Sandwich, Massachusetts was purchased by William Bradford and his partners of the old Plymouth Company in 1637 for 16 pounds, 19 shillings, payable "in comodities." On 24 JAN 1648 they assigned their rights to Edmund FREEMAN [F3736]. On 26 FEB 1648 he assigned his rights to George Allen, John Vincent, William Newland, Robert Bodfish, Anthony Wright, and Richard Bourne [F3732]; a committee of the proprietors of the town of Sandwich.

He died 2 MAY 1648 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. In his will he mentioned 9 children.

[F15361b]. Katherine STARKES.
She married George ALLEN [F15360b] on 5 NOV 1624. [It must have been earlier.]

CHILDREN of George ALLEN [F15360b] and Katherine STARKES [F15361b]: