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George Aldrich and Joan Thurgood

George ALDRICH. [PC M3-3].
The name was spelled Aldridge and Oldridge in the early records, and some branches of the family still prefer the spelling Aldridge, but the Rhode Island family and the descendants in Worcester county, Massachusetts, have for many generations adopted the spelling Aldrich. {S2}.

Born about (1575-S1)(1580-S3) in Norfolk, England; son of William ALDRICH [F17440].

He married Joan THURGOOD in 1594 in England.

He died about 1658 in Norfolk, England. {S3}.

Joan THURGOOD. [PC M3-3].
Joan was born around 1575 in England; daughter of Nicholas Thurgood and Elizabeth.

  1. George ALDRICH. [PC M3-3]. Born in September 1605 in Derbyshire, England. He married Katherine SEALD on 3 September 1629 at Derby, Derbyshire, England. They came to America in 1631, first settling in Dorchester, Massachusetts. They moved to Braintree in 1640, then to Mendon in 1663. He died on 1 March 1683 at Mendon, Worchester County, Massachusetts.


The name Aldrich is old Anglo-Saxon; Aldridge and Eldridge are common variants, and some branches of this family are often seen spelled as Aldridge. A few sources give the meaning as "old ridge", thus taken from a place. Most however, say that it means "old ruler"; it might have been given to any of the old Anglo-Saxon leaders who were displaced by the Normans. {S1}.

Thurgood is old Anglo-Saxon or perhaps even Viking, and is derived from the Norse god Thor. It may mean literally "Thor god", or some sources suggest the "good" part refers to some tribe, as "the man called Thor from the tribe of Gautas", thus "Thor Gautas" to Thurgood. Names derived from Thor were very common when the Normans first arrived. {S1}.