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[F973604992]. Adam de ALDIYHLEY. [PC T3-2-1].

Adam de Aldiyhley and his two sons, Lydulph and Adam, were among the Norman knights who accompanied William, the Conqueror, into England in 1066. These received, as did others of William's associates, large possessions from the conquered lands as a reward for their services. Lydulph, the elder son, had a son Adam, and Adam, the younger son, had a son William, and these two young Normans, both grandsons of the old Norman warrior, married wives of the Saxon family de Stoneley; Adam de Alditheley married Mabella, daughter and heiress of Henry de Stonleigh, and received with her in marriage portion the two adjacent estates of Stonleigh and Balterley. They were the ancestors of the noble family of Audley, so called by the shortening of the name from Alditheley to Audley. (S2)


  1. Lydulph de ALDIYHLEY
  2. Adam de ALDIYHLEY. He had a son William.