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ALAN, Dapifer Dolensis

ALAN, Dapifer Dolensis. (Seneschal or Steward of Dol). [BOYD Family Chart].
Born in 1024 at Dol-de-Bretagne; son of FLAAD, Seneschal of Dol, and a possible daughter of Crinan & Bethoc of Atholl, Princess of Scotland.

He was traditionally thought to have been a son of Fleance MacAlpin, Thane of Lochaber. In MacBeth, Shakespeare has the witches tell Banquo that he will be the father of kings. This has been discredited, but is was perpetuated for many years. (S1).

He died in 1080. (S1).

CHILDREN of ALAN, Dapifer Dolensis:
  1. Alan, Dapifer Dolensis. Alan Dapifer is found as a witness in 1086 to a charter relating to Mezuoit, a cell near Dol of the Abbey of Saint-Florent de Saumur. Took part in First Crusade, 1097. (S1). In the Chartulary of the Abbey of St. Florent we find in 1080 and again in 1086 ' Alauus Senescallus ' or ' Alanus Dapifer Dolensis,' witnessing grants of laud to the Abbey, of which he was himself a benefactor, as is proved by a deed (ante 1080), to which his brother Fledaldus consents, granting to the Abbey a site for a church. From another deed it appears he had a third brother Rivallon, who entered into religion as a monk at Mezuoit. Alan the Senescal engaged in the crusade of 1097, and died apparently without issue. The lands and office of Senescal of Dol reverted to Fledaldus or Flaald (S2).
  2. Flaad of Dol . [BOYD Family Chart]. It will have been observed that "Float filius Alani dapiferi" is assumed to have been the brother, not a son, of the crusader. This assumption is based upon the facts that the crusader's gift at Mezuoit was 'conceded' by his brother 'Fledald,' who was, therefore, his heir at the time, and that his office of "dapifer" at Dol was afterwards held -- a fact hitherto unsuspected -- by descendants of Alan fitz Flaald. The crusader, it must therefore be inferred, left no heir. (S1).
  3. Rhiwallon. Monk of St Florent.